Manchester to Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airines rises.

Ethiopian Airlines Takes off for the first time in its seventy year history from Manchester Airport on Tuesday Morning. I will be on the Dreamliner. 

My father was a pilot for Ethiopian Airlines in the golden Age of Airlines –   The late 60’s and early 70’s.  Here he is on 24th Anniversary of Ethiopian Airlines on the left of Captain Holloway. 

My father  co-piloted for  The Emperor Haile Selassie for which he received the gift of a ring:  The Lion of Judah set in Onyx.  It is the same ring Bob Marley wore on his finger as a gift from Prince Asfa Wossen.

Ethiopian Airlines is in the blood of my father’s family.  His brother  Yohannes  was the head of technical services at Ethiopian Airlines  in the late sixties and early seventies This is my father with The Emperor’s Lion at the top of  Ethiopian Airline airstairs. 

The  Cabinet of Ethiopian government is fifty percent women. Ethiopia has a female president.  These are progressive times of ambition, times of hope led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Ethiopian Airlines has always symbolised  the national identity. 

:On  a flight from Addis Ababa to Bangkok, Thailand in 2015 Captain Amsale Gualu (photo above)  was assisted by  co-pilot, Selam Tesfaye. The flight was the first in the 70-year history of the airline  with an all female crew. And  not just the pilots: It included maintenance crew members and air traffic controllers.  My friends Helen Pankhurst and Alula Pankhurst will be proud.

Discounted fares include returns from Manchester to Kilimanjaro from £405, Uganda from £420, Seychelles from £458, Johannesburg from £435, Nairobi from £445 and Cape Town from £452, all connecting via the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The promotion is running until December 15, 2018 and applies to flights between December 28, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

15 thoughts on “Manchester to Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airines rises.

  1. Ethiopia is a beacon of light for progress in Africa and for humankind again. For I learned while recently attended a colleague’s lecture on early hominids and evolution that homo sapiens’ mass migration out of Africa some 250,000 years ago began in the North-East of Africa. Southern Africans found it too hot to pass the equator so stayed put in the Cradle of Humankind. But humans from the now-called Ethiopian region migrated away from the African cradle and populated the Middle East and Europe. How great that Ethiopia continues to lead the progress of humankind today.

  2. It is really great, a sign of a great global rebalancing after the period of European domination, which we are glad to be leaving behind. In spite of so many problems around the world, we should celebrate the renaissance of China, of India, and of Africa, lead of course by Ethiopia and Dr Abiy.
    He has such a difficult and heavy task, he needs support for all good people. Now is the best time for people to visit and spend money in Ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia!

  3. Hi Lemn, Been trying to get a hold of you. My Father, Captain James H. Hansen, arrived in Addis right after WWII . My Parents lived there 26 years. My Brother Jimmy Hansen and I went to ACS. Jimmy Graduated, then left to Fl. For college. I was born there in 1960 and left in 1973. My Father was Manager of Operations and Flew HMHS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Ethiopia is my motherland. Just want you to friend me on FB so we can have an opportunity to Chat.
    Chantal Scherer
    Naples, Fl.

    • Hi Chantal. I am up to my friend limit on facebook but I am sure we can still chat privately on there. I have a profile and a page.
      If your father was a pilot pre 1973 then our fathers would have known each other.

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