Sun up to Sun Down

Leave home at 8.30am. At 9.15am I arrive at The Southbank centre. At 9.30am I meet old friend Paul Sapin a film maker who works allot with Rageh Omaar and who is presently working for Diverse productions on a year long project with The Halle Orchestra in
Manchester for Channel Four.  At 11.30am I meet Sara Bynoe whom I met at The
Vancouver Literature festival and who now lives in London. Sara was offered a
three week stint at The Pleasance Theatre throughout the Edinburgh festival.   Unfortunately Sara can not do it. But the teen angst idea is so good she’ll pursue it in a different way. 

At 12.15pm I meet Gary Crosby to discuss our music project  which after three rehearsals resulted in What If which was on channel four a month ago.   At 1.30pm I meet Mary King the vocal impresario to discuss Lost In The Stars.  At 3.45pm my BBC radio four programme Into The Gap  is on air. I am proud of it.  At 5pm I receive a flurry of phone calls from media through all my agents and the southbank. I turn most of them down.

At 6pm my close friend who works in hedge funds,  Nkechi Abili,  comes to The Southbank and we settle at the members bar  with a beautiful view of London.  We sit and watch the sun go down  over Charing Cross station across the river. The day turns red and then dark. She has a cocktail and I  water. It’s good to be around someone who knows me well, a friend.

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