This Is Not A Suit.

I’m in the central London studio of  A.Sauvage to meet the man.   If you haven’t discovered A.Sauvage  let me   introduce you.  He’s of Ghanain heritage, he’s an ex England  basketball player and now  an unstoppable creative force for good and most of all a costumier.    

As Sauvage gets the measure of me by placing cloth upon me  Misfits actor  Robert Sheehan drops in. He is doing a charity gig at The Old Vic with Liza Minnelli. “love your doc martins” says Sauvage to Sheehan and while speaking of his love for the shoe  from behind a divider Sauvage brings out the most gorgeous selection of Doc Martins I have ever seen in my life.

You heard it here first and I’ll take this blog down if I am told to. They’ve commissioned Sauvage  to make an exclusive series of Doc Martins and these bad boys are at the final stages of design.  The pair that catch my eye are made from Kente Cloth. Doc Martins in Kente cloth are pure sit down suh-weetness! My toes are twitching in anticipation. I cycle off to Broadway Market for coffee for some shoe contemplation. La Bouche my favourite cafe is fizzing with people and ideas.


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  1. I should’ve taken a picture and put it up. They are waterproof cause once you put them on on your feet won’t touch the ground. Lemn

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