Your old laptop is a portal to new dreams

IMG_1758 IMG_1635 IMG_1722 IMG_1618“I am in grade 12 studying to be an architect” said one “I am studying to be a doctor” said another “ I am studying to become a sports manager” said yet another. And then there’s me. I’m sat at the bottom of the table of a four storey house in Addis Ababa  It is an excellent home by any international standard of child care.   Every children’s home should be like this. It is called Pefan

It’s excellence is embedded in its ethos.  And it is the ethos that needs practical resources.  The closest parallel to Mr. Fisha Tsion Tadesse who founded and manages Pefan is Camilla Batmanghelidlgh  who founded Kids Company in England. Fish believes love is a central component in the care of a child.

Love  is the fuel to a rigorous attention to detail in the care of  each child.  Please view the video on the front page of the website.

I want to support it. I want your support too.  I’m aiming to  provide them with  ten laptops.  That’s all I  need.   They are for the  young people of the hoIMG_1607me.


Please  wipe all the information before donating the laptop.  Remember to download everything to an external  drive before donating.  I am setting a deadline of three months for this. So hopefully we will have reached thegoal by may 5th.    Please donate your second hand laptop. by writing viathe contact section of my blog Many of us have unused laptops tucked away. Why not give it  someone who will love and cherish it. Your  lap top could become the  portal for their dreams.  It is a time machine. It  will help them study and help them create. It will help them to be more of who they are. it will give them hope.  It will give them time. It will provide them with a chance they wouldn’t have. Then each child will pass it on to the next.  One laptop will help much  more than one person.

I will pick the laptop up from you.  Or I’ll organise to get someone to pick it up.  Please donate.  This means  allot to me and to them.

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